Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome Again

Since I have been unable to be here for a long time things have changed. 
My original welcome notice is at the very bottom of this site! 
Currently I no longer have any hand dyed fabrics to sell, mainly because I have been using them up and now spring is coming and I won't have as much time to do dyeing. 
I can still offer the miniature punch needle designs transferred to weavers cloth  for anyone who wants to purchase them just email me and put Dragons Lair in the subject line.  You can send it to

I can hand draw any of my rug designs on linen if anyone wants to purchase them as well.  I can draw out the Santa or the Bears and coming up is my carousel horse that is not finished yet.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It had been requested that I add my punch needle designs to this blog site for people to look  at and purchase is they wish too.  Currently I have a few available but will make some more in the future and post them here.
I can sell them as a paper pattern that I will mail to you and you can transfer it to weavers cloth.  Or for an additional price I can transfer them for you to weavers cloth and then mail them.  Since this is not a full time occupation don't buy from me if you are impatient or need need instant gratification.  I have do to this work around my other occupations.  We normally go out to town where I can mail things about once a week sometimes less  in the winter...depends on the weather.  I also so not do Paypal or credit cards but will take checks or money orders.  Buyer pays the postage in addition.  I can ship priority mail or for usually less if a paper pattern is requested. This is what I have now:
WHILE REINDEER SLEEP   10" x 5 1/8 "  this design was drawn with a full moon, and I have a watercolor guide in that shown, and have a nearly finished needlepunch photo done in daylight which is an option to how you do it,  Let me know what you want and I will draw the background as day or not.  This will be $16 transferred to weavers cloth

PRANCING HORSE   5" x7"  a design of a simple horse.  You can follow the ink lines to shade the horse or ignore them for a flat design.  I have no done up piece to show yet on this one.  Transferred to Weavers cloth it will be $14.

RYELAND WOOLY SHEEP     3 x3 1/2" a cute little wooly fellow in a floral  border, transferred to weavers cloth for $12.  I have an unfinished example shown

PUMPKIN PATCH   3 1/2 X 4 3/4" easy design in which use use bright colors.  Tranferred  to weavers cloth it is $12.  It is also shown completed and framed

The photos of the designs certainly did not come out where I wanted them to be but I am not very sophistacated when it comes to computers thats for sure
I have decied to shown the finished ones along with some of my rug hooking in the main part of my blog or the mountaintopfarm part; so go there to see finishing possibilities.

Monday, May 30, 2011

How to purchase a product

Below are listed all the fabrics I  currently have for sale from my hand dyeing sessions.  As they are purchased I will delete them from the website and post new ones as they are completed.
I price my fabrics based on the square inches because I think that is a realistic way of charging instead a flat fee for a "fat quarter" which can vary with the yardage because wools vary in their width across the loom when woven from 56-62" and that will affect the size when the fat quarters are made; in addition the fulling process causes some reduction in the final sizes.  The square inches are measured after processing.
The buyer pays the postage in addition to the posted price and I use priority shipping via the post office.  We go to town once a week and I ship on that day.  I accept checks and money oderes and do wait  for checks to clear.  I do not accept credit cards or pay pal.  You can reach me at  Please put Dragons lair in the subject box of an email.
I am not able to sell outside the USA.

Soon I will be adding more punch needle designs

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is my secondary blog, the first being Mountain Top Farm which is primarily a general overview of things and interests in my life. The purpose of this secondary blog is to show items that I have for sale.

Sale items are normally fiber related... althought other art work might be offered from time to time.  The items I offer may be paid for with a check or a money order but not Pay Pal or charge cards.  Of course cash is acceptable if it is not a mail order transaction.  Shipping costs will be extra for the buyer, and all shipping will be made through the post office.  I will use priority mail, and flat rate boxes and envelopes or I can send parcel post which is sometimes cheaper, but usually a tad bit slower.  This will be discussed on an individual basis, and the customer will decide on the best shipping method for them.

We are also not fast around if speed is the essence for you then you will not be compatable with us.  We normally go to town  and do all errands once a week and that is when orders will be shipped.  Checks will have to clear before shipping occurs unless you have a buying history from us.
Photos will be removed as soon an confirmation of an order is received  so that hopefully everything that you see will be up to date as far as availability is concerned.

What I am offereing first for sale is hand dyed wool fabric.  I have been dyeing wool in  fleeces, yarns, and rovings for roughly 10 years, and in the last five or so years, since becoming involved in rug hooking, I have started dyeing on wool fabric.  First for my own rug making, and now I've decided to make some  for others as well.  Mostly the fabrics offered will be mottled, but some will be fairly one color with minor variability.  Normally a yard of wool fabric is 36" by 58-60" until it is quartered to make "Fat Quarters."  This is the size of fabric before any processing occurs.  Normally before hooking wool the fabric is submitted to the "fulling" process where the fabric is washed and dried and has shrunk a bit or "fulled."  From there the dyeing process takes place and during that some extra fulling could occur.  However, it will not have reached the "felt" stage.  The result of this is that the wool fabric has shrunk compared to what it measured as it was sold from the mill or fabric shop.  For this reason I am going to be selling it by the cubic inch instead of a standard price for a standard fat quater which can vary considerably from start to finish.  This I think if a fair process, and it allows me some flexability in the sizes of dyed fabrics being offered.  Sometimes the oddball small size comes in handy to spark up a hooked  rug.
I hope  you enjoy them; I enjoyed making them.
Barbara Peters